Our antiperspirants range

SweatStop® has a large product range. SweatStop® allows you to vary the intensity of the product against sweat. Also you will be able to find products for any part of the skin e.g. the forms are adapted. SweatStop® are fantastic products. When using these products you will be astonished. When you stop the sweat you are automatically also stopping blisters and infections, skin irritations and the smell.

Underarm sweating is the most prominent form of a sweating. The RollOn SweatStop® Aloe Vera Forte is the right solution for you if you struggle with this problem. If you need a product that is stronger SweatStop® offers SweatStop® Aloe Vera Forte max or Aloe Vera Forte plus depending on the degree of sweating you are confronted with. Sprays have the effect of being absorbed more efficiently by the skin due to the fact that the skin region is covered with liquid. It is therefore easier to notice the effect as well. SweatStop® has a larger product range than others and therefore offers a solution for all problems. a-per© however offers underarm sweat pads and a solution against underarm sweat as well: a-per© Antiperspirant RollOn. This product is excellent to stop the perspiration under your arms. It makes sure that stains are history. It doesn’t have any fragrance added to it so the smell is neutral. You can however apply another deodorant or even perfume. A third product we can recommend – especially if you are a fan of natural products – is the a-per© Alum Stone Deodorant. It is an entirely natural mineral salt deodorant and has been used for thousands of years.

SweatStop® Aloe Vera Lotion Sensitive is the right product for sensitive skin. Sweating and odour are reliably extinguished. Should your skin be irritated when applying the product just apply a skin caring lotion and you will realise that the irritations will disappear completely.

If you are struggling with sweating on your back SweatStop® max or Aloe Vera Forte plus are products for this problem. They are Upside Down Sprays with a special nozzle head that allows you to reach this problem region effortlessly.

Another region of the body that can be affected by sweat are the hands or the feet. While a-per© offers a foot powder – the a-per© Foot Powder Menthol – SweatStop® offers the world’s first foot powder with a unique applicator: SweatStop® Powder stick Cinnamon Menthol. Compared to a regular foot powder this stick can be applied directly without spilling and nobody can see it on your skin as it is skin-coloured.

SweatStop® offers two other products for the hands and feet: SweatStop® Instant & SweatStop® Forte max. a-per©’s Foot Powder Menthol makes your feet dry instantly and ensures a feeling of comfort and freshness in your shoes. SweatStop® Instant is a skin-coloured lotion for sweaty palms and has an instant effect for up to one hour. For a longer-lasting effect you should use the spray SweatStop® Forte max. You can use both products together if you feel that you still sweat too much.

The institute Dermatest rated SweatStop®’s products, as ‚very skin-friendly‘. The products are also produced in Germany, a country known for its strict production regulations in favour of consumer and nature. Type “SweatStop®” or type “a-per©” into a search engine to order the product of your need. It’s the easiest way to get a hold of the products and entirely secure. To make it even easier a wide range of payment options are available on respective websites.

Another wonderful thing that SweatStop® provide on their website are the thousands of customers testimonies from all over the world giving their opinion on SweatStop®.