Sensitive antiperspirant

A sensitive antiperspirant is developed for a person with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin require extra protection especially when it’s about selecting an antiperspirant. There are several products in the market designed for sensitive skin.

Sensitive antiperspirant is free from artificial colourants, alcohol and preservatives. Such antiperspirants are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to stop perspiration and hyperhidrosis.

If you see the skin becomes inflamed or irritated when it comes in contact with laundry detergent, certain types of jewelry or soaps, then you are probably having a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema. You need to know that it is significant to protect and pamper your skin.

Though your armpits and underarms might not be at the top of your mind when you think about sensitivity first, make sure that they must be. The problem is that the armpit area practically invites the antiperspirant irritation for some people. The delicate skin is much more prone to the allergic reactions. In addition to this, the moist, warm environment serves as the breeding ground for bacteria.

Most dermatologists believe that the underarms rub against the clothing or skin can cause skin irritation further. Finding out an antiperspirant for the sensitive skin would help the person to stop sweat and the body odor. Now finding out a non-irritating or sensitive antiperspirant or deodorant is not an impossible task if you choose to carefully read out the list of the ingredients used in an antiperspirant.


The aluminum based compounds makes the most widely used antiperspirant ingredient. This active ingredient can help to stop the flow of moisture to the skin by means of plugging in the sweat ducts. You can also look for some gentler forms of aluminum. People with sensitive skin can be more tolerant to aluminum sesquichlorohydrate as per experts. Nonetheless, you can also seek aluminum free antiperspirants or deodorants too.


Use of fragrances or perfumes is common in antiperspirants and deodorants. Perfumes can mask the body odor and help deliver a sentiment of freshness. However, some people believe that they are also the cause of skin rashes and skin sensitivities. This is the reason why it is suggested to avoid antiperspirant-deodorant products that usually comes with perfume, or fragrance.


Several active antiperspirant ingredients are dissolved in alcohol as it dries up quickly and makes you feel cool when applied to the skin. However, it can also dry out the skin and cause irritation. That’s because alcohol is used in gels, aerosols, roll ones and people with the sensitive skin should check the products before buying one. Check out the list of ingredients before purchasing and see whether it’s free of alcohol or not. People with the sensitive skin can use the antiperspirant sticks instead.


Parabens are usually used as preservatives in the cosmetics. They can also irritate the armpit skin for some people; especially the area has been damaged due to cuts or burn. But, the good news is that most major antiperspirant brands are found to be free of paraben. However, people can even check the list of ingredients used in the antiperspirants.