Excessive underarm perspiration

Excessive underarm perspiration is a common problem with the young adults. It can well be a sign of a medical concern like rheumatoid arthritis which is also known as overactive thyroid gland etc. However, usually it is because you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis where it seems that you sweat for no reason. However, it might be because you suffer from some sort of anxiety and get nervous in the social situations.

Medically, excessive underarm perspiration is termed as axillary hyperhidrosis which is used to describe the dripping sweat in the underarm area. A person suffering from such a condition will generally complain about the extreme wetness in the underarms, however, not always accompanied by the unpleasant odor. For some people it becomes a regular routine to remove the stains from the clothes and most sufferers avoid wearing certain colored fabrics. But this is only a part of the problem.

One of the most serious types of excessive underarm perspiration can cause severe social embarrassment and it also send many people into the state of depression as the self esteem of the people reaches to low levels. For these people, underarm perspiration may not be the problem, but the odor caused by the sweat is considered the major problem. It’s a fact that sweat is odorless. It creates odor as and when the sweat reacts with the bacteria on the skin surface. This is quite easy to combat. You would simply need to keep the skin clean. Taking shower twice a day should be a must for the sufferers.

Several control measures as well as treatments are essential in order to avoid the underarm sweating. As an effective control measure, you should always try out to stay dry. The fungi and bacteria tend to thrive in the moist areas. Likewise, you must bathe often and also ensure that you are thoroughly dry after you take a bath. Always select clothes that can absorb the sweat. You can try out some kind of relaxation techniques.

Stress might not be the major cause for excessive underarm perspiration. However, anxiety and stress tends to worsen the problem by means of stimulating the sweat glands through nervous system. An antiperspirant is considered the popular treatment option to control the signs of excessive underarm perspiration.

Most antiperspirants in the market today contain a solution of 10 to 15% aluminum chloride. Such a solution helps to block the sweat ducts that cause sweating in the underarms. There are a great number of other significant factors that can also affect how much you sweat and the smell as well. A number of foods that you eat can be another example. If you suffer from the problem of excessive underarm perspiration you must avoid all types of spicy foods, all products that contain alcohol and caffeine. When you avoid all these foods for about 2 weeks or so, you must notice a major difference in how much you perspire. Avoiding these drinks and foods is not often enough to combat the issue. You can choose strong antiperspirants with a high level of the aluminum chloride that helps to block the sweat ducts. Nevertheless depending on where you reside you would be able to probably pick up the right product.