SweatStop® Application (Lotion, Roll-On & Sprays)

SweatStop® have everything people expect from a deodorant – in fact both SweatStop® reach a higher standard than a regular deodorant. But there is distinctive difference between a deodorant and SweatStop® or. SweatStop® are antitranspirants not deodorants by definition. That’s why they are much more successful in handling or rather stopping sweat than deodorants. While a deodorant’s aim is to stop odour, an antiperspirant literally stops sweat and therefore bad odours don’t even have a chance to survive.

As for rollons, sprays and lotions, it is very important to apply the solutions right before you go to bed. Also very important is to apply the product on completely dry skin. These two instructions are absolutely essential to follow as the sweat and odour inhibiting effect can only take place effectively if you stick to this application procedure. You need to have dry skin in order for the product to permeate the skin effectively. Then the salts included ensure a proper closing up of pores on your skin. Sweating after you have applied the products should be avoided. Ideally you should not get involved in physical activity for a few hours after applying the product. Consequently, applying the product right before you go to sleep makes most sense for most users.

Once a regular usage of the product – a routine – is taking place, the product doesn’t need to be applied on a daily basis. You will be using it not daily but something in-between every second and fifth day, depending on the composition of your body’s sweat glands. It should be mentioned that the decreased frequency makes the product a lot cheaper than a deodorant. Deodorants need to be applied daily – so you can save up to five times of the liquid and therefore save up to five times the amount of money you spend.

For the first noticable success of less sweat you need to apply the product one to three times. It is permitted to use the product up to five times in one application which is not necessary in most cases.

An alternative to the above mentioned products are underarm sweat pads. a-per© offers these:

Underarm Sweat Pads ensure that sweat stains are history. They are offered in a universal size, which are all applicable to T-shirts, shirts, tops, etc. and any other underarm clothing. The inner layer is made out of 100% cotton. It soaks up any moist immediately. Also, there is an outer layer which is completely waterproof and none of the soaked up sweat comes into contact with your clothing. Stains are therefore impossible. The soft cotton is an incredible textile providing the highest standard of comfort. Since the underarm sweat pads have an extremely high quality, they can be used for a very long time. This helps you to save a lot of money compared to other alternatives. Discolouration of clothes under your arms is a solved problem once you wear underarm sweat pads. Further the Underarm Sweat Pads can be worn on any kind of textile and are very simple to attach. You won’t feel the pads and also they are not visible to anybody in your environment. The underarm sweat pads are a wonderful natural solution against stains caused by sweat – since they are washable, they don’t produce any waste and there are no chemicals involved.

Extent of delivery: 1 pair (2 pieces) in black. Suitable for both men & women.

SweatStop® – Feet

SweatStop® Foot Powder Menthol are to be applied on the soles of your feet. There is no limit to the frequency of applications. The powder binds sweat and gives you a feeling of comfort in your socks and shoes. On top of that the cinnamon and menthol ensure a feeling of freshness.

If your feet sweat moderately to strongly we recommend SweatStop® Forte max. Apply it like described above (sprays). The only thing to consider is that you might have to remove dried-out skin layers from your feet and sometimes hands. This is because the solution needs to be absorbed by living skin in order to inhibit sweat.

SweatStop® – Hands

SweatStop® Hand Lotion’s effect is instant. Once you apply it on your hands they become dry immediately. This is of course a wonderful effect, the downturn is that you might have to apply it several times over a day. You can apply it as often as you want.

Safety Instructions


Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and harmed or irritated skin

l Respective part of the skin should not be shaved for at least 48 hours before and 12 hours after the application

l Keep out of reach of children

Note for all customers with US delivery address only – due to FDA regulation: All antiperspirants are to be applied to underarms only