Antiperspirants have been the first choice of treatment for hyperhidrosis problems. The market today offers several strong antiperspirants that prove effective in minimizing the problems of excessive sweating. In fact clinical strength antiperspirants prove more effective than the basic antiperspirants products that are almost unproductive in reducing the problems of excessive sweating.

In fact, the stronger clinical strength products are considered more effective in the armpit or underarm area. It should be noted that that the deodorants are products that assist to control the body odor and are not that same as the antiperspirants. However, certain antiperspirants even include deodorants with clinical strengths to provide desirable results.

If you are looking for antiperspirants, you can find out several clinical strength products out there in the market. Moreover, some products may need a prescription. This may due to the alcohol and high aluminum content rather than the water base. Most studies conducted from time to time suggest clear indications of success with clinical strength antiperspirants.  And most antiperspirants provide effective results with armpit sweating or underarm sweating.

Some people have also experienced success with the use of antiperspirants on feet, hands and other areas of the body as well. Nonetheless, the antiperspirants appear to be the cheaper alternative when compared to the other available treatments for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Hence, it makes sense to try them as your very first choice of excessive sweating treatment.

For some people applying antiperspirants on feet proves to be the most useful way to end excessive sweating problems. You can follow a routine before you head to your bed at night. First of all, wash your palms and feet. Apply antiperspirant and cover palms or feet in the saran wrap and then go to sleep. This process or routine must be followed every night before going to sleep. If you follow this process each day, you’ll feel that the hyperactive nervous system is much relaxed and your feet don’t sweat while you are asleep.


1. Aluminum based antiperspirants

A majority of the antiperspirants that you find in the market contain some type of aluminum based compound. This aluminum based compound is also the major active ingredient. Traditionally, the aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum chloride were considered the two most active ingredients of choice for manufacturers of the antiperspirants.

2. Methenamine Based antiperspirants

Methenamine is actually a chemical substance. It converts into formaldehyde when in acid or water. According to doctors, application of the solution with 3 percent formaldehyde once or even twice is considered enough to prevent sweating for a long period of time. However, Formaldehyde is regarded a strong astringent but not very pleasant to use and can even lead to systemic reactions and skin irritation. However, a study shows that Methenamine can be significantly useful as an antiperspirant ingredient to end sweating problems. Why? Methanamine, in the water or when applied to skin generate formaldehyde in small quantities that do not cause any sort of side effects.

Overall, the antiperspirants constitute effective method to diminish any negative effects of over sweating or hyperhidrosis.