Antiperspirants with aloe vera

Antiperspirants have been on the market for many years. They are not deodorants as many people believe but have an entirely functional purpose – that of stopping sweat (the purpose of deodorants is to stop the odour of sweat). Of course, stopping sweat results in stopping odour as well. Unfortunately many people are missing out on the great opportunity to use an antiperspirant against odour. They are still involved in a futile fight against odour by using deodorants – a truly unstable odour killer – and the outcome of these battles is usually dissatisfying. Consider using an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant. Give it a shot, you will be surprised.  Two really known and recommendable products are SweatStop® Antiperspirant. Both have proven themselves to be incredibly efficient while still being skin-friendly. Independent institutes have confirmed the nurturing value for the skin of these products and recommend and rate them as ‘skin-friendly’.

There is actually no reason not to use an antiperspirant / antitranspirant. They are more efficient, mostly more cost-effective (compare the daily usage) and skin-friendly than deodorants.

We have addressed the problem of a regular user but how about people that sweat excessively? Well, for people with this kind of problem (hyperhidrosis) it is even more recommendable to use an antiperspirant.

There are numerous forms in which antiperspirants are offered. SweatStop offers a rollon for underarm sweat without alcohol and without fragrance but with aloe vera. Another product they offer is the SweatStop © Alum Stone Deodorant – a deodorant based on natural mineral salts. Alum stone reduces sweat and has been used and known for centuries. Also there are the SweatStop© Foot Powders (Menthol) which are designed to stop sweaty feets. They too contain aloe vera and additionally menthol for a feeling of freshness and hydrophilic properties to help the feet. But the latter two products are not antiperspirants.

SweatStop® offers a wider range of products than SweatStop©. Sprays, rollons, lotions and all of them in different intensities > ‘Forte’ is stronger than regular, ‘Max’ is stronger than ‘Forte’. If you have a problem with sweating SweatStop® definitely has a solution for you. The products are not only very effective but also rated ‘skin-friendly’ by the German institute Dermatest®. This is how SweatStop® has been able to silence even the last critic and can be unashamedly called the best solution on the market. When you compare the price of daily usage you can even say it is better than any deodorant, because it is skin-friendly, more effective and cheaper!

Here is a list of different products and their intensities to give you an idea how thoroughly SweatStop® covers the market.

1. Against sweating

2. For skin care

Application areas:

  • Armpit & Chest
  • Hands
  • Forehead
  • Bold Head
  • Head with Hair
  • Back
  • Feet


  • Strong
  • Very Strong
  • Extremely Strong