This is why you should buy a SweatStop® antiperspirant:

These are the adjectives people using antiperspirants associate with the two brands SweatStop®: They feel relaxed, free and dry. This is not just a statement but a recurring opinion among the thousands of user comments published on the internet. The tendency of these opinions is clearly identifiable as very positive.

Also we could find out that customers are very happy to be able to wear colours without the fear of getting sweat stains on their clothing.

Another advantage is that the product is rated as skin-friendly by an independent German institute (Dermatest®). One of the reason for this positive rating is the alove vera contained in the products. Aloe vera is very gentle to the skin and has nurturing properties that have beneficial dermatological consequences. Not only are the products rated ‘skin-friendly’ but ‘very good’ regarding the skin-friendliness.

A great advantage of SweatStop® is that they have probably the widest range of antiperspirants on the market and have an answer for every need! This product range covers a solution for every body part and every intensity of sweating.

Another major advantage of SweatStop® is that they have stood the test over time: The products have literally been applied millions of times. This in itself is a prove of customer satisfaction and our conclusion is the products have proven themselves in practice. But not only have the products been applied millions of times, they also have been applied all over the world. The US, Brazil, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, all over Europe, Australia, you name it… There are few countries where these products haven’t been sold.

Usually a company with this record wouldn’t need to offer a money-back guarantee. But because SweatStop® know that customer satisfaction, a long-term relationship with its customers and dissipating doubt of first-time purchasers are the key to success they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is to ensure that people who buy for the first time don’t run any risk and can get all the money back, if they are not satisfied.

One advantage should still be mentioned. The incredible price advantage. You might think, well the products don’t seem to be very cheap. Well, actually they are! This is why: Let’s take the example of a 22 Euro antitranspirant in a 100ml bottle. A regular deodorant has only half the content, which is 50 ml. You might think: Well, that still makes it 11 Euro in comparison. But even that is not true. SweatStop® are antiperspirants. Not only are they more efficient, but you can usually use them a lot less than a deodorant. Usually every 2 to 5 days. Let’s imagine you use the product only every third day, which is more than common: This would cost you 11/3 = 3.66 Euro compared to a regular deodorant! And it works a lot more efficiently! But if you are lucky you only need to use it every fifth day, and then the price difference is massive: 11/5 = 2.20 Euro… If you are just looking for something cheaper than the cheapest deodorant, then try it, you might end up saving heaps of money over the years! And you are sure that you don’t sweat under your arms or elsewhere on the body (if product applied there